Renesas – 16-bit Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller RL78/I1D for Battery powered Sensors

RL78/I1D Microcontrollers Provide the Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption When Operating at 1 MHz and Implement a Complete Set of On-Chip Analog Peripheral Functions for Emergency, Security Detectors, and Sensor Applications

Features of the RL78/I1D

  • Low Power Snooze mode functions enable data processing and transfer without cpu intervention
  • Event Link Controller, ELC, routes interrupt requests to trigger inputs of peripherals without cpu branches in interrupt service routines
  • Data Operation Circuit, DOC, compares ADC values to preset thresholds and wakes up the cpu only when necessary
  • Up to OpAmps with differential inputs
  • Up to two analog comparators
  • Only 124µA @ 1MHz
  • Fast wake up from stop mode in 4µs


  • gas detectors,
  • fire detectors
  • broken glass detectors
  • security systems
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