Panasonic: Qi (WPC 1.1) compliant wireless power solution support up to 10W

Panasonic’s wireless power control solution including a transmitter IC and a receiver IC with built in MOSFET drivers supports full 5W output according to WPC 1.1, extensible up to 10W. Qi-certified reference designs / evaluation hardware including coils are available.

Product Specs NN32251A (Power Transmitter (Tx) IC)

  • Buck–boost DCDC converter controller embedded
  • Half-bridge gate driver: 4ch (full-bridge gate driver: 2ch also configurable)
  • Single-coil (Type A11) supported
  • Expanded free positioning using multi-coils up to 4 coils (Type A6)
  • Highly accurate voltage and current monitor for inverters
  • Output controlled by frequency, duty, or voltage, defined in Qi
  • ASK demodulation for both current and voltage signals (Qi compliant)
  • Input voltage range: VADP : 4.6 V to 19.5 V, VINV : 4.0 V to 19 V
  • Supports Under Voltage Lockout:, Thermal Shutdown, and Over Voltage Detection
  • Short-circuit protection at inverter output
  • Temperature Detecting Circuit: 3ch
  • LED indicator: 2ch
  • Package: 64 pins HQFP (size: 12 mm x 12 mm)

AN32258A (Power Receiver (Rx) IC)

  • Synchronous Full Bridge Rectifier Control
  • Input Voltage Range: VRECT : 4.4 V to 19 V
  • Selectable Output Voltage: 5 V, 7 V
  • Temperature Detecting Circuit
  • Full Charge Detection with Adjustable Current Level
  • Switching Control of External Power Supply
  • Supports Under Voltage Lockout, Thermal Shutdown, Over Voltage Detection, and Over Current Detection
  • LED Indicator
  • I²C Interface
  • Package: 48 pins WLCSP (size: 3.16 mm x 3.16 mm, 0.4 mm pitch)

Samples and Eval Boards are available ex-stock Rutronik is presenting Panasonic’s Wireless Charging Solution on the PCIM in Nuremberg. Visit us on booth 260 in Hall 7.

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