Panasonic Goldcaps – The intelligent, cost saving and green solution for your design

These capacitors perform like a battery, so they are ideally suited for applications requiring a secondary power source such as backup energy for microprocessors e.g. a real time clock.

Replacing a Battery with a Gold Capacitor has following advantages:

  • Quick charge and discharge available
  • No charge and discharge cycle limitation in terms of number of times
  • Green product (RoHS compliant)
  • No recycle restriction
  • No charging protection circuit needed and easy circuit design
  • Maintenance Free and a very long life

The new HIGH RELIABILTY RF and RG Series.

These new products have the highest reliability of all our Gold Capacitors. They are defined with a lifetime of 2000h @ 85°C. This is double our current F-Series.

So these new capacitors are the best products to use for all applications requiring high reliability and long life such as Metering, Base Stations, Blade Server and many more!

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