Omron – Rutronik includes new Lighting Control Relays in its portfolio

Both the G5RL-U and the G5RL-K can switch up to 16A and are capable of dealing with inrush currents of up to 150A. They are offered in SPST-NO form and are approved to a VDE standard demanding resistance to over 150A inrush. Furthermore, the latching relays carry UL TV-8, a standard that exposes components to 117A inrush currents. The G5RL-U features a single coil whilst the G5RL-K has a double coil architecture.

A SPDT version is also available, though the specifications for this device are lower. Latching relays are only energized while switching and use less power than non-latching designs in most applications. The new Omron latching relays are a switching solution for lighting control, movement control, smart meter, power line switching and PV inverter applications. 

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