NLT Displays with integrated Projected Capacitive Touch Panels

We introduce the 10.4 inch displays in XGA resolution with different coatings like antiglare (AG), antifingerprint (AFP) and clear surface. All are equipped with a Pcap touch panel directly from the supplier NLT. The NL10276BC20-18BD & -18BH have an airbonded touch screen while the NL10276BC20-18KD & -18KH have an optical bonded touch screen. (see the graphic below)

Matchcode Bonding Surface Basemodel
NL10276BC20-18KB optical Clear / AFP standard
NL10276BC20-18KH optical AG / AFP highbright
NL10276BC20-18BH air AG / AFP highbright
NL10276BC20-18BD air AG / AFP standard


The LCD modules offer the increased durability, smooth operator interface, multi-touch functionality and clear image quality required for use in touch-panel displays designed for industrial applications, such as factory automation, test and measurement, as well as medical equipment.

Total touch solution

NLT offers total PCAP solutions, that include the LCD, touch panel and controller board with an ATMEL controller, direct from NLT’s factory. This is important for customers since the PCAP displays are covered by the same factory warranty NLT offers on all of their industrial LCD products. NLT also offers support for drivers and tuning software of touch panel, allowing customers to easily design NLT’s touch panel displays into their end products.

Long-term support same as Industrial LCD

NLT’s PCAP products offer the same long-term support program, high quality and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits as offered for their industrial LCD products.

Various PCAP Options

NLT’s PCAP touch panels offer valuable component and structural options such as bonding, surface treatment, or cover glass. This allows end product designers greater flexibility and more display options depending on the end use of the display.

Recently, the use of touch panel displays with multi-touch functionality is rapidly expanding in consumer applications like smart phones or tablet devices, as well as in industrial and medical applications. The increasing demand for PCAP touch panels continues due to their distinguished image quality, durability, and various construction design possibilities.

NLT Technologies continues to invest and develop new PCAP. The company will continue to expand their touch panel product lineup as well as develop new applications for the company’s primary markets.






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