FSC (Field Sequence Color Display)

With the FSC- technology there is no need to insert Colour Filters to portray the coloured Icons. In a FSC module a conventional TN-Cell is combined with a RGB Backlight.

The 3 colours of the LED Backlight are sequentially switched on. The frequency of the Backlight is synchronous with the frequency of the display segments As a result you can show up to 8 different colours (black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, yellow or white).

Our passive LCD team will consult you with the most fitting suppliers for your customized FSC project. We will support you for the whole project-life-time, beginning from the first Drawings up to the first samples producion and final mass producion.

The FSC technology is perfect for applications in the markets of gaming, metering, medical or home appliances as well as alarming systems.

The FSC technology is available in the normal positive mode, in the high-contrast mode and in the negative mode.

Main Advantages of FSC:

  • No need of Colour Filters
  • Low power consumption
  • LCD glass is very economical due to the TN COG technology
  • No need of High- end Microprocessors
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