K-Band microwave intelligent motion sensor for short distance, low speed applications

NJR4265 J1 from NJR (New Japan Radio) is an intelligent motion sensor that is designed for the sensing of short distance low speed movement object of pedestrian etc. The steady sensing of moving object is realized by embedded software. It is suitable for the built – in use of the sensing function to various equipment as all functions are integrated in a small package and it can easily control from PC/MCU by UART interface. Further, stand-alone operation is also possible.


  • Motion sensor using the 24GHz microwave doppler
  • Antenna, RF circuit, IF amp, MCU and voltage regulator are integrated in a small package (14×20.4×8.8mm)
  • Communication with PC/MCU is available by UART interface and stand-alone operation is also possible
  • Signal processing software for the steady sensing
    • Enhancing the signal from movement object and decreasing random noises
    • Decreasing the mutual interference between sensors
    • Identification of movement direction
      (approaching and leaving)
  • Low voltage operation and low power consumption
  • Sleep mode for reducing power when unnecessary


  • Various equipment controled by human sensing
    Energy saving management
    Entrance and exit management
    Safety and Security
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