Murata – High tolerance small crystal unit suits wearable and data communications applications

Murata, a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules, and devices introduced the XRCFD and XRCMD series of highly accurate miniature 1612 size crystal units with an overall* frequency precision of +/- 20 ppm.

The newly developed XRCFD and XRCMD series are able to support the stringent frequency tolerances required for wireless communications such as LTE/3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee and NFC. They are also suitable for wired data communications applications such as Ethernet, USB3 in addition to hard disk and solid-state disk computing systems.

Measuring just 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.35 mm the XRCFD-F series crystal unit is available with nominal operating frequencies from 24.000 to 31.999 MHz. Operating temperature is across the range of -30 to +85 degrees C. The XRCMD-F series has an operating frequency in the range 32.000 to 48.000 MHz and measures 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.33 mm.

Both series employ Murata’s fusion sealing technology for a complete hermetic seal and uses an alloy in the metal cap structure. Its proprietary packing technology, unavailable in existing crystal units, enables superior quality and cost performance, and is suitable for mass production. At the same time it achieves superior miniaturization, contributing to a high-density mounting and slimming of the unit.


* overall frequency precision (initial) measured at + 25 degrees C with temperature characteristics of -30 to +85 deg.C, aging and up to two re-flow soldering process

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