Microchip – Free Code Configuration Plug-in for MPLAB® X IDE Makes Developing Firmware on 8-and 16-bit PIC® Microcontroller Faster and Easier

The MPLAB® Code Configurator generates drivers for controlling and driving the peripherals inside 8- and 16-bit PIC® MCUs. The generated code is reliable and designed for efficient use of CPU and memory resources. For highly integrated systems, the bulk of an engineer’s design budget is often spent eliminating timing concerns caused by the feature integration. The PIC microcontrollers (MCUs) are designed to support increasing levels of functional integration without concern for timing issues or increased power consumption. Oroginally released with support for 8-bit products, the latest version has been expanded to include support for more than 50 of 16-bit devices in six of our PIC24F families. In addition, more then 140 8-bit PIC MCU products are supported in the Latest release.

MPLAB Code Configurator is flexible—You can use it for simple in-system configuration of your microcontroller or to create complex functions with groups of integrated peripherals.

Intelligent—It can alert you of a potential pin or function conflict. It creates efficient code with a small memory footprint.

Easy to Use—The intuitive GUI provides a visual representation of your selected PIC MCU, with an “aerial view” of the package. Pin selection and configuration is done via a mouse click.

A Time Saver—It generates simple, clearly documented APIs without the hassle of reg­ister-level setup.

FREE—It’s available as a plug-in for the free MPLAB X IDE.


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