Bluetooth Racetrack

Bluetooth controlled Race Car Competition

Radio control via smartphoneas an example ZenWheels Microcar


The RN42 is a small form factor, low power, Class 2 Bluetooth radio for designers who want to add wireless capability to their products. The RN42 supports multiple interface protocols, is simple to design in (configuration through

simple ASCII commands via the UART and/or PIO signals) and is fully certified, making it a complete embedded Bluetooth solution. The RN42 is functionally compatible with the RN41. With its high-performance PCB trace antenna and support for Bluetooth EDR, the RN42 delivers up to 3 Mbps data rate for distances up to 20 meters. The RN42 is available also without antenna (RN42N). This is useful when the application requires an external antenna. The RN42N is form, function, and pin compatible with the RN42.





  • Fully certified Class 2 Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR module
  • Onboard embedded Bluetooth stack (no host processor required)
  • UART (SPP or HCI) and USB (HCI only) data connection hardware interfaces
  • Available in multiple configurations: Apple-compatible firmware (RN42APL-I/RM), HCI mode (RN42HCI-I/RM), HID mode (RN42HID-I/RM), USB mode (RN42U-I/RM), and socket module (RN42SM-I/RM)
  • The standard part number (RN42-I/RM) supports SPP and DUN profiles
  • Available without antenna (RN42N-I/RM)
  • Postage stamp sized form factor, 13.4 mm x 25.8 mm x 2 mm (RN42) and 13.4 mm x 20 mm x 2 mm (RN42N)
  • Secure communications, 128 bit encryptionfsdfds
  • Error correction for guaranteed packet delivery
  • UART local and over-the-air RF configuration
  • Auto-discovery/pairing requires no software configuration (instant cable replacement)
  • Castellated SMT pads for easy and reliable PCB mounting
  • Certifications: FCC, IC, CE, NCC (Taiwan), MIC (Japan) and KCC (Korea)
  • Bluetooth SIG qualified


  • Cable replacementfdfds
  • Barcode scanners/readers
  • Measurement and monitoring systems
  • Industrial sensors and controls
  • Medical devices
  • Computer accessories



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