Telit m2mAIR SIM-Cards and SIM-Card-Managementsystem

Connectivity and Value Added Services

m2mAIR is a business unit of the Telit Communication PLC and dedicated to mobile network connectivity. It includes resources for business and operations in support of m2m application deployment in the mobile network environment. This all-inclusive service suite includes a broad products and service matrix which is based on three pillars that together form a total, end-to-end customer solution:

Development Kits

  • Starter Kit:
    includes 1 SIM Card, Test duration: 4-6 weeks
  • Pilot Kit:
    includes up to 100 SIM Cards, Test duration: up to 3 months
  • Evalution Kit:
    1 SIM Card included with Telit’s Evalutation Kit, Test duration up to 12 months


  • Offers both standard and tailored communication and rate plans + access to ePortal for convenient management of your accounts


  • Allows full & easy to manage oversight of the SIM Card, as it is the central hub to activate and suspend SIM Cards, manage user profiles
    and data traffic and perform SIM inventory managment

Module Management:

  • Allows customers to gain remote access to a set
    of diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities.
    This includes services to manage module inventory
    & perform mobile network diagnostics


  • Mobile based positioning, location information even without GPS/GNSS


  • Web-based service designed to provide customers a quick and easy way to analyze the business performance of m2m deployments


  • Helps to mitigate critical and catastropic events involving multiple devices in multiple geographies with a set of risk-management tools


  • Improves network performance & extends the battery life of your devices by selecting the highest quality connection available when roaming


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