EnOcean’s „Swiss knife“ for smart buildings and the Internet of Things STM 550

The EnOcean STM 550 multi-sensor is a true all-round talent among energy harvesting wireless sensors. The multi-sensor provides data for a wide range of applications in digitized buildings and in IoT and in a remarkably small, standardized PTM form factor. Thanks to an NFC interface, the multi-sensor can be easily configured and operated using an NFC reader, smartphone or tablet. The STM 550 has dedicated sensors for temperature, humidity, lighting, acceleration and a magnetic contact (status open / closed). The harvested energy is stored internally so that the multi-sensor also works when no light is available. The integrated solar cell generates all the energy required for operation for both data communication and measurement. The multi-sensor module STM 550 can implement a wireless energy harvesting sensor based on the EnOcean radio standard for communication. Wall-mounted or device-mounted sensor applications for measuring temperature, humidity, lighting or acceleration / orientation are the main applications for the multi-sensor.


Key benefits

  • Self-powered via ambient indoor light – maintenance-free, no battery changes required thanks to energy harvesting technology
  • One size fits all – easy product integration into different housing designs (Original PTM form factor)
  • Highly flexible, simply attach it where the data is required – on walls, ceilings, windows, doors, furniture, on active devices such as air-conditioning units, towel dispensers and valuable assets (printers, copiers, medical equipment and vending machines etc.)
  • Seamless integration into smart systems due to wireless communication based on open standards (EnOcean; Bluetooth®)
  • One sensor equals a basket of metadata for highly efficient building automation, smart home, IoT (e.g. space optimization management, digitized facilities services, predictive, maintenance, activity measurement, artificial intelligence)
  • AES-128 security

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