Low-profile high pressure air pump with piezoelectric technology

Miniature piezoelectric air pump of Murata

The MZB1001 microblower, a miniature piezoelectric air pump is designed for a wide range of household consumer products.  Measuring just 20 x 20 x 1.85 mm (excluding nozzle), the MZB1001 microblower is one of the smallest air pump in the market. Using a piezoelectric diaphragm, which vibrates up and down when a sine wave voltage is applied, the vibrations force air into the microblower and out through a nozzle on the top of the device. The microblower can produce typical airflow rates of up to 0.8 litres per minute and typical air pressure up to 1.5 kPa when driven by a 15 Vp-p 25 kHz signal. The piezoelectric diaphragm has been optimized for operation above the normal audible range and is typically driven by a 24 – 25 kHz signal. Used as an air pump and capable of creating a high air pressure flow, the micro-blower is ideally suited to short duration high-pressure airflow applications. The piezoelectric diaphragm typically consumes only 0.2 W.


  • Size : 20x20x1.85mm (except nozzle)
  • Flow Rate : 0.7L/min. (and over)
  • Static Pressure : 1.42kPa (and over)
  • consumption : typically 0.2W


Typical Applications

  • aromatic atomizers
  • air fresheners and other similar household fragrance products
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