Light Weight Realized with Resin-made Hood Half-pitch (1.27mm) Interface Connector "DF02 Series" Has Been Developed

To meet these demands, JAE has now developed the half-pitch interface connector DF02 Series. The DF02 Series realizes light weight by using a resin-made hood and also has sufficient measures against EMI with Ni plating shielding. Furthermore, it has a superior operability by using a one-touch lock method.


  • Receptacle
  • Dual use specifications with one-touch lock and screw-lock
  • Structure that prevents short circuit with foreign substances by covering the terminals with a cover.
  • Improved resistance against twisting with a hook integrated with the shell.
  • Plug
  • Miniaturization, weight and cost saving realized by using resin for hood material. Also it has sufficient measures against EMI with Ni plating shielding.
  • Excellent workability with two-unit structure hood and superior reparability with latch lock method.
  • Available in IDC type (28AWG to 30AWG) for labour-saving in.

Applicable market

  • Machine tools, servo amplifiers, robots, semi-conductor manufacturing devices, communication devices, measuring devices, broad casting devices, and others.
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