Korchip – Rutronik includes new series of supercapacitors in its program

The new Starcap TR series of supercapacitors from Korchip provides a reliable package of high capacitance and low resistance with thin form factor. It is suited to DRAM back-up for SSD and peak power assist for battery. The TR series is available at distributor Rutronik as of now.

Korchip’s Starcap TR series supercapacitor with a rated working voltage of 2.5VDC has the ability to charge and discharge for a million times and more. It provides higher capacitance than electrolytic capacitors and higher power than a secondary battery. Thus, the supercapacitors are ideal for applications requiring great stability and efficiency, e.g. motor start power applications, memory back-up for car black box and pulse power assistance for smart meters. Its operating temperature range is from -40° up to +70°C.

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