KOA Extends the Product Portfolio of Anti-Sulfuration Chip Resistors

KOA’s special anti-sulfuration resistors are intended to be used under harsh environment with high level of contamination.  KOA’s anti-sulfuration chip resistors apply high reliable material to the inner top electrodes.

This material is a new development and has extremely high sulfuration-proof characteristics. By the new developed inner electrode material and the technical know-how of sulfuration-proof performances, KOA has been able to achieve an extremely high level of sulfuration-proof performance.

KOA’s standard resistors already contain special materials which allow the usage in severe environment. But, if it’s intended to use products under harsh environment (under high density of sulfur), KOA recommends to use KOA’s “Anti-Sulfuration Flat Chip Resistors” as a perfect measure.

KOA’s name for these “Anti-Sulfuration Resistors” in case of the standard flat chip resistor sizes 0402 – 2512 is RK73B_RT*** and RK73H_RT***. Also jumpers are available as RK73Z_RT. Additionally to this, KOA has also extended the product range by the new surge/pulse current withstanding flat chip resistors of SG73_RT*** in sizes 0603 – 2512. Not only in case of single chips, but also for chip arrays, anti-sulfuration performance is important. Because of this, KOA has also added the chip networks of CN_RT, CNZ_RT and CN-K_RT as new parts. One future plan is to add KOA’s thin film chip inductor of KL73_RT** to the anti sulfuration product portfolio.

Examples of Critical Environment:

  • If oil greases with sulfur additives are used in surroundings
  • Areas where volcanic gases are emitted
  • In case components which generate sulfur are mounted in the surrounding (e.g. molded coatings which includes sulfur)
  • In case a PCB is molded by rubber sealing incl. sulfur
  • Where fossil fuels are handled or used
  • Areas of biological gas cracking plants


  • Industrial control systems
  • Automotive
  • Electric instrumentation
  • Power meter / conditioner
  • Solar / wind inverter circuits
  • Avionics
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