iVativ RENO – Embedded Bluetooth 5.0 module base on nRF52840 SoC

The iVativ RENO is based on the nRF52840 Soc and is a highly integrated, embedded, certified multi-protocol module with extremely low power consumption, which supports Bluetooth 5.0, Thread / ZigBee / ANT and NFC-A-Tag at the same time. The small form factor module offers design flexibility, reducing system costs by including all analog front ends, antennas and crystals. Integrated wireless stacks, network stacks and application APIs as well as all advanced security functions relieve the host processor and reduce development costs and time-to-market for the user. The module offers an industrial temperature range.

Features and Benefits:

  • Common Features:
    • ARM® CryptoCell 310 cryptographic accelerator and AES 128-bit encryption
    • Over the air device firmware upgrade (OTA DFU)
    • Highly optimized hardware for ultra-low power consumption with excellent performance
    • Highlights of iVativ APIs and AT commands
      • Ready to use on all popular MCUs with zero or negligible porting effort
      • Seamless integration for RTOS or bare-metal based user application
      • Agnostic to underlying SoC / Chipset and its respective SDKs / firmware
      • Secure boot enabled
    • Support for the AT commands for easy evaluation and Binary APIs for production
    • Support for UART and SPI to interface with host MCU
    • Easy to use AT commands set and Binary APIs to develop applications on host MCU with zero or negligible porting effort
  • Bluetooth features:
    • Full featured Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 (BLE)
    • Supports advanced mesh networking protocols – Certified software stacks for Bluetooth Mesh, Thread and Zigbee
    • BLE secure connections and privacy


  • Smart home sensors and controllers
  • Industrial IoT sensors and controllers
  • Connected health
  • Asset trackers and Locationing device
  • Personal fitness devices
  • Wearables for wireless payments

Part number Information:


RENO Development KIT PCB Antenna

RENO PCB Development KIT

I540E0L8-2L EVK

RENO Development KIT MHF4 connector

RENO MHF4 Development KIT


RENO multi-protocol module with PCB Antenna



RENO multi-protocol module with MHF4 Antenna connector


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