Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust X – SLS32AIA

As embedded systems are increasingly gaining attention of attackers, Infineon offers the OPTIGA™ Trust X as a turnkey security solution for industrial automation systems, smart homes and consumer devices. This high-end security controller comes with full system integration support for easy and cost effective deployment of high-end security for your
The best-fit security solution for IoT devices, to protect your business as well as your customers’ data and IP. The OPTIGA™ Trust X is easy to integrate and work with, reducing your design effort for faster time-to-market. This product enables new features and business models that empower you to differentiate your offering, stay ahead of the competition and grow.

Summary of Features:

  • High-end security controller
  • Turnkey solution
  • One-way authentication using ECDSA
  • Mutual authentication using DTLS client (IETF standard RFC 6347)
  • Secure communication using DTLS
  • Compliant with the USB Type-C™ Authentication standard
  • I2C interface
  • Up to 10kB user memory
  • Cryptographic support: ECC256, AES128, SHA-256, TRNG, DRNG
  • PG-USON-10-2 package (3 x 3mm)
  • Standard & extended temperature ranges
  • Full system integration support
  • Common Criteria Certified EAL6+ (high) hardware
  • Cryptographic Tool Box based on ECC NIST P256, P384 and SHA256 (sign, verify, key generation, ECDH, session key derivation)


  • Enhanced security for connected devices protecting IP, data, and the business case
  • Easy integration reducing design-in and integration effort
  • Cost-effective deployment
  • Enabling new features and business models

Target Applications:

  • Industrial control and automation
  • Consumer electronics
  • Smart home
  • Medical devices


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