Infineon MCU Board with XMC1300 and Segger J-Link Debug Interface and On-Board 3-Phase Motor with Hall Sensors

XMC1000 Motor Control Application Kit

Try it within minutes…Motor Control Hardware and Dave™ FOC App to spin your motor.

Key Features:

  • MCU board with XMC1300 and detachable SEGGER J-Link  debug interface
  • Motor Board: 12 – 24V, up to 3A
  • On board 3-phase motor ( 24V, 15W) with hall sensors
  • Optional encoder interface
  • Power supply 24V, 1A

Key Benefits:

  • FOC motor control-XMC130 outperforms even a Cortex® M3
  • Dave™ Software
  • Significant Code Space Reduction
  • Free ARM ® KEIL® Microcontroller Tools

Key Applications:

  • Motor Control for AC Induction  Motors
  • Motor Control for BLDC Motors
  • Motror Control for PMSM Motors
  • FOC with hall sensors or sensorless

Order Nr.: TOOL3536

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