DURIS S 8 – Always one step ahead

With high luminous flux out of only one small LED package, high forward voltage and high color consistency it provides totally new opportunities for all indoor lighting and especially directional retrofit applications.

Lower costs and higher quality

The DURIS S 8 allows different luminous flux packages with only one LED type. It saves costs on secondary parts within the luminaire, reduces assembly efforts and simplifies logistics. Compared to PPA packages, DURIS S 8 also offers higher lifetime and higher possible solder point temperatures. And with its higher forward voltage (20.0/26.6 V) it optimizes driver efficiency and costs.


  • Different luminous flux packages from one package family
  • Small light emitting surface improves optical behavior in directional lighting
  • Low thermal resistance to enable high operating power
  • High operating temperatures up to 110 °C solder point temperature permitted
  • Small footprint for clustering
  • Higher lifetime than PPA packages
  • Optimized driver efficiency and costs due to higher voltage option
  • Compact light source in white SMT package, colored diffused silicone resin
  • Viewing angle at 50 % lv: 120°
  • Color: 2700/3000/4000 K (white) – 3500/5000/5700/6500 K soon available

Binning for DURIS S8

Binning for the DURIS S 8 simplifies the design of luminaires. The maximum color deviation defined by this binning corresponds to what is most commonly required by the market and most widely used in today’s lighting applications: a 5-step MacAdam ellipse. For projects with the highest demand for color consistency, a premium selection corresponding to a 3-step MacAdam ellipse is available as well.


  • Directional retrofits, such as MR16, PAR16, AR111
  • Downlights
  • Spotlights
  • Omnidirectional retrofits
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