Diodes: Rutronik presents Low Voltage, Low Current Op-Amp

The device’s wide operating range of 2.7V to 16V enables the TLV271 to support an array of battery- and low-powered consumer and industrial products. A quiescent current of only 550μA helps minimize device power consumption over a gain bandwidth of 2MHz and slew rate of only 1.4V/μs.

The TLV271 offers an improved level of stability and phase margin, enabling capacitive loads of up to 100pF to be driven without the need of a nulling resistor. The high input impedance and minimal bias current of this CMOS device also make it suitable for use with a wide range of signal sensors. To help meet a wider range of system requirements, the op-amp is provided in a choice of SOT23-5 or SO8 packaging, as well as with commercial (0 to +75°C) or industrial (-40° to +125°C) temperature ranges.

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