Diodes: Dual Phase Synchronous Rectified Buck Controller

The AP3595 provides protection against a number of potential faults within high current applications: 1.Over Voltage Protection 2.Under Voltage Protection 3.Over Current Protection 4.Over Temperature Protection.

The accuracy, current balance, offset current setting and cost make it ideally suited to DT Graphic card/workstation applications.

The Diodes Advantage:The AP3595 provides Dual Phase Synchronous Rectified Buck Controller solutions for High Current Desktop PC Applications.

12V+12V Bootstrapped Drivers with Internal Bootstrap Diode

  • The bootstrap diode is built-in to simplify the circuit design and minimize external part count.


  • Soft-start, operation Frequency, Current Balancing, Compensation, Drop setting and Dynamic Output Voltage,.

Package – U-QFN4040-24

  • Provides a good thermal solution

Reference Voltage Output with 1% Accuracy

  • Meets accuracy requirements of GPU and DDR on high current application


  • Desktop Graphic Card
  • IPC
  • MB
  • Workstation
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