Custom Design LCD Modules

Many products demand a custom LCD to meet application specific display requirements, electrical specifications, or mechanical dimensions. Our suppliers are specialized in designing and producing custom LCDs and can quickly help you to create the ideal display for your product.

Customized Displays are manufactured according to the specification of our customers. Depending upon the size of the LCD panel and LCD technology a reasonable minimum order quantity is required.

Our team will consult you with the most fitting supplier and the most fittig technology for your customized LCD project. We will support you for the whole project-life-time, beginning from the first Drawings up to the first samples producion and final mass producion.

Main Technologies:

Technology Dot Color / Background Features
TN, HTN All kind of BL-colors TN (Twisted Nematic) / HTN (Higher Twisted Nematic) is the most cost-effective technology
STN / grey, silver, blue All kind of BL-colors STN (Super Twisted Nematic) twisting angle up to 270° which gives almost ideal steepness of thecharacteristic optoelectronic curves improvement of the viewing angle refer to page 13 for detailedinformation
FSTN black / white FSTN (Film Super Twisted Nematic) high-contrast black and white representation by utilization of adecelerating film more cost-effective, lighter and flatter than DSTN
Vertical Alignment Black / all Colors contrast VA, super black background, super wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio
FSC Optional / positive, negative FSC (Field Sequential Colour) No need of colour filter, low power consumption,
ASTN black / white negative ASTN high-contrast black and white negativemode display optimal performance with white or multicolor backlights more cost-effective,Especially used for high temperature ranged applications        (-35°C to +85°C)


Main Advantages of a Custom Display:

  • Protected Display
  • No Changings or EOL through suppliers possible
  • “Endless” lifetime
  • Indiviual and unique
  • Fits perfect into your application



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