ASUS Entry Level Server Solutions based on Intel® Xeon™ E Processors

ASUS has launched its Entry Level Server Solutions, based on Intel® Xeon™ E Processors.

Intel® Xeon® E processors are the best fitting solutions for entry servers, entry workstations and powerful mobile workstations. With its
essential performance and with advanced security technologies, its recommended to support secure cloud services. Some SKUs are available with integrated Intel® UHD Graphics technology.

ASUS is offering several mainboards and one barebone 19″ rack system with short depth for the fast growing market of sever on-premises.

It starts with the mini-ITX P11C-I with 3x LAN, 6x SATA, mini-SAS und M.2 for storage and networking demands, combined with TPM-M-2.0 and an optional ASMB9-iKVM-module for remote management and diagnose. It supports processors up to 95W TDP and 32GB DDR4 ECC memory with 2 DIMM slots.

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The P11C-M/4L offers in its micro-ATX form factor 5x LAN, 6x SATA, mini-SAS, 2x M.2 and up to 64GB DDR4 ECC memory with its 4 DIMM slots. Additionally it offers with 1x PCIe x8 Gen3 and 1x PCIe x16 Gen3 options for add-on cards to expand either the storage capacity via a RAID controller card or AI acceleration via an AI acceleration card.

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With the P11C-C/4L ASUS offers an ATX mainboard with as well 5x LAN, but more capabilities for an additional PCI add-on card and the ASUS MIO slot for AUDIO.

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In addition to the above mentioned SKUs, ASUS offers as well ATX mainboards for more workstation oriented purposes, the P11C-X and the P11C-X/AUDIO. Both of them offers an additional PCI slot and the P11C-X/AUDIO has onboard AUDIO with connectors at the ATX I/O bracket.

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All of these mainboards are rack-optimised for a better cooling air-flow in a 19″ rack chassis.

The ASUS RS100-E10-PI2 is a new short depth 1U rack barebone with only 440mm depth. With its 1x 3,5″ HDD internal disk bay and the possibility for 1x Slim type ODD or optional 2x 2,5″ internal HDD/SSD disk bay, it supports the mayor demands for entry level server systems at its best.

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Rutronik is offering as well the fitting Intel® Xeon® E processors, all available from stock at

We can support as well any demands for DRAM modules, SSDs and HDDs, fitting to the above mentioned mainboards and the barebone.


For SSDs and HDDs please get in touch with us under

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