Apacer’s Cable-less power Multi-Power-Path SSD

With innovative rigid-flex board design, the SDM7-M DP has a compact size that allows for not only flexible system integration but also improved signal transmission quality. Furthermore, by stacking two rigid boards with a flex board using a unique bend axis, and securing with screws, stability is achieved and shock-resistance is enhanced. To meet the stringent industrial-grade specifications and resist strong system vibration and falling impact, the new SDM7-M DP miniature SSD is designed with a unique hook that fits perfectly with the SATA slot on the motherboard, preventing cable from falling off or loosening due to impact or drop, satisfying system makers’ stringent requirement for high stability.
While traditional 7-pin miniature SSD require external power supply, Apacer’s patented plug-and-play Multi-PowerPath supplies power through two power connectors (7+2) on the side or the 7th pin, allowing the SSD to operate without external power supply, giving it the dual advantages of signal integrity and flexible configuration on the motherboard.

Product features

  • Available in capacities from 32GB-256GB
  • SATA 3 interface
  • MLC NAND flash chip
  • Patented plug-and-play SSD
  • Max. R/W performance (MB/sec): 525/350
  • Thermal throttling for temperature management
  • Perfect solution for: embedded systems, gaming systems, blade server, transportation & 1U enterprise rack


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