5.2″ 480×128 dots PCAP Bar TFT LCD Display

RFS52XA-1ZH-DHG is a 5.2” O-Film Bar Type TFT LCD module having resolution 480×128 with Projected Capacitive Touch Screen (PCAP); this TFT LCD with PCAP module only supports Raspberry Pi series. RFS52XA-1ZH-DHG is built in with TFP401 Controller IC convert signal to HDMI interface, as to the PCAP (CTP) IC is GT911, its I2C interface convert to USB; CTP firmware version 0x99. WF52A for Raspberry PI series is also available for Resistive Touch Screen (RTP) or without Touch Screen options. Please note RFS52XA-1ZH-DHG is only working with Raspberry Pi1 ~ Pi3/Pi3B/Pi3B+. If the customer needs to use other Raspberry Pi version which is not mentioned in the above list. Please contact us for a special module part number.

The supply voltage for LCM (VDD) of RFS52XA-1ZH-DHG is typical value 5V. It is featured with Glare surface panel and O-Film, View Direction 6 o’clock, Gray scale inversion 12 o’clock, brightness 600 ~700 nits. It can be operating at temperatures from -20 ℃ to +70 ℃ and storage temperatures from -30 ℃ to +80 ℃.

Specification: • Size: 5.2 inch • Dot Matrix: 480 × 3(RGB) × 128 dots • Module dimension: 180.0 x 75.8 x 23.94 mm • Active area: 127.152 x 33.9072 mm • Dot pitch: 0.0883 x 0.2649 mm • LCD type: TFT, Normally White, Transmissive • View Direction: 6 o’clock • Gray Scale Inversion Direction: 12 o’clock • Aspect Ratio: Bar Type • Backlight Type: LED, Normally White • Controller IC: TFP401 • Interface: HDMI • Touch Panel: With CTP • CTP IC: GT911 or equivalent • CTP Interface: I2C • CTP FW Version: 0x99 • Surface: Glare

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