4D Systems intelligent TFT modules

4D Systems Smart TFT

The company 4D Systems with their headquarter in Australia is a global leader in researching, developing and manufacturing of smart graphics solutions. They offer customers unique, innovative and cost effective market leading modules, catering for a huge range of applications and industries. 4D Systems was established in 1990 and designs, develops and manufactures intelligent graphics solutions with latest OLED and LCD/TFT technology available, with their own graphics processors that enable both stand alone and host dependant solutions. These are suitable for a very wide range of applications. The 4D Systems engineering team consists of seasoned electronic and software engineers. They work in close partnership with ISO 9001 certified production factories. The mission is simple: To provide superior commercially-ready embedded graphics solutions that fulfil the vision of exceeding customers’ expectations through design, manufacturing and world-class customer support of their core technology. Quickly Develop and Integrate a GUI (Grphical User Interface) with touch functionality to virtually any application, reduce development time to days or weeks instead of months or years, extremely fast time to market vs. traditional approach to display and touch screen integration.

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