Passive LCD Modules

Rutronik’s applications team – the engineering bridge to a wide field of display solutions with an excellent supplier portfolio.

The main area of activities of our experience lies in the display market. We will provide you the best solution and the most suitable manufacturers for your requirements.

The philosophy of the display department is to give you our best engineering consultancy in projekt work. We are the worldwide interface beetween customers, suppliers, R+D, Quality Management, Production and Purchase Department.

Custom Design LCD Modules

Customized Displays are manufactured according to the specification of our customers. Depending upon the size of the LCD panel and LCD technology a reasonable minimum order quantity is required.

Our team will consult you with the most fitting supplier for your customized LCD project. We will support you for the whole project-life-time, beginning from the first Drawings up to the first samples producion and final mass producion.

LCD Standard Modules

Liquid crystal displays, in the form of a passiv matrix LCD’s, are increasingly found in all areas of everyday life.

Their use is no longer restricted to technical applications. We are able to fullfil your standard passive LCD requirements with a lot of different module types. In which you can choose several individual parameters, like nearly all kind of backlight colours, different temperature ranges and different technologies.

We cover the most common alphanumeric and graphic LCD size. All displays are available in transmissive, transflective and reflective mode.

OLED Modules

As OLEDs do not require backlighting, they consume much less power than LCDs. This is especially important for battery-operated devices such as cell phones. OLEDs have a large field of view. Because the OLED Technology produces its own light, so they have a spectacular viewing range.


We are now able to offer a wide ranged portfolio of OLED Modules. Our portfolio covers all sizes starting from 0,66 inch upto 5,50 inch, including different color modes. We are pleased to support your OLED project from the very beginning, starting from the first sample stage upto your final mass producion.

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