Vertical Alignment Technology

On the LCD market, a dark background and a wide viewing angle is more and more requested. Especially in the field of medical, automotive and industrial applications. With a customized Vertical Alignment Display you can realize together with Rutronik and its partners an esthetic highlight for your application.

Our suppliers Yeebo, Seacomp/Displaytech, Tianma Ltd., URT, Varitronix and DLC come up to all these requests with the EBN-technology. This technology leads to a very dark background on the display, as well as a very high contrast ratio and a super wide viewing angle. Further more EBN is suitable to all kind of colour backlights and white backlight.

In the EBN vertical alignment technology offered by our suppliers, the liquid crystals are perpendicular. At the moment of operating voltage (type 4,7 V) to the display, the crystals are switching into a vertical alignment. Thus the light cannot pass, which leads to the requested strong dark background.

The preconditions for the EBN-technology are a limited number of the segments, ideally a static control or rather MUX 1:4, however maximal MUX 1:8. As well as a sufficient supply of energy, as due to the negative mode of the Display a permanent LED lighting is needed.

Main Advantages of EBN:

  • Super black background
  • Super high contrast ratio
  • Super wide viewing angle
  • Suitable to all kinds of colour backlight and white backlight
  • Wide temperature range ( -30°C ~ 85°C )



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