Toshiba: New 24nm 8Gb BENAND™ SLC NAND Flash Memory from Toshiba

BENAND removes the burden of ECC from the host processor and enables designers to utilize leading edge process NAND flash technology. To ensure easy migration, BENAND’s features such as Page/Block size, spare area size, Commands, Interface and Package are kept the same as legacy 4xnm SLC NAND.

The smaller cells of the new NAND flash memory are more vulnerable to program/erase stresses, which requires more complex ECC to maintain the desired levels of reliability. For example, small density 4xnm SLC NAND requires 1bit ECC, 3xnm SLC NAND requires 4bit ECC and 2xnm SLC NAND requires 8bit ECC. ECC is usually built into the host controllers, often making switching to newer NAND difficult as the host processor must be changed to enable required level of error correction. BENAND makes this change needless by moving the ECC onto the NAND chip and enabling legacy controllers to be used with the latest NAND technology. This reduces BOM and system design costs while maintaining the high reliability of SLC NAND.

The line-up of BENAND ranges from 1Gb to 8Gb, which is available in TSOP and BGA packages as well as in industrial and consumer operating temperature ranges.

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