STMicroelectronics – TSX7 – 16V High-Precision with low Input Offset Op-Amp

The TSX Series consists into various combinations of power consumption and gain bandwidth, allowing to get the best performance for the appropriate accuracy.

TSX Series Features:

  • Operating range: 3 to 16 V
  • Higher ESD protection: 4 kV
  • Low consumption down to 60 µA max (TSX6)
  • Lower offset VIO down to 200 µV max (TSX7)
  • High GBW up to 16 MHz max (TSX9)
  • Space saving DFN8 2 x 2 mm for dual op amps
  • Rail-to-rail input and output
  • Automotive grade availability



  • Automotive ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
  • Power converters
  • Inverters
  • Motor control
  • Telecom infrastructures

Additional Information:

Datasheet TSX711

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