Rutronik’s Wireless Charging Solutions

Rutronik’s wireless power charging control ICs support all equipment conforming to the Qi standard, the global standard for compatible
Wireless charging. The Rutronik Solution supports the full WPC Qi 1.1 output power of 5 W and offers safety and security through the use
of anomaly detection during power feeding, as well as various other protection functions.


Key Features

Digital controller for wireless Battery Charger


  • Support up to 5W applications
  • 5V supply Voltage
  • Multiple Qi Topologies and PMA standard supported
  • A11 standard
  • A13 standard under development
  • QFN-32 package
  • Charge everywhere by an common standard


General application features

  • Low Cost 2 layers PCBs
  • Active Object detection
  • Graphical User Interface for application Monitoring
  • Evaluation board available soon



Key Applications

  • Wireless charging tool office desk, meeting table, cabinet, etc.
  • Wireless charging tool desk, bedside table, lobby, etc.
  • Wireless charging tool table in airport, hall, café, museum, hotel, restaurant, convenience store, amusement place, etc.
  • Wireless charging tool seat table, lounge table, center console



General Features

  • No charging cables required
  • Non-electrical contact allows charging even around water or in clean rooms without deterioration
  • Only one charger compatible with various products



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