Panasonic ERJxBW series – Double Sided Structured High Power Current Sense Resistors

Panasonic offers Double Sided Resistor Element Technology ERJxBW series in case size 0402, 0603, 0805 and 2512, with a wide range of resistor values starting from 0.001 Ω. This automotive qualified (AEC-Q200) current sensing resistor series has been designed for applications that need small size accompanied with large power dissipation capability. Their unique construction makes them suitable for harsh environment while maintaining their high reliability.


  • Wide range of resistance values starting from 0.001 Ω
  • Case sizes: 0402 to 2512
  • T.C.R.: starting ±100ppm
  • Resistance tolerance: ±1%; 2%; 5%
  • Large power dissipation capability
  • Soft Termination to reduce risk of solder joint cracking

Power Rating:

  • 0402 (ERJ2BW): 0.25W
  • 0603 (ERJ3BW): 0.25W
  • 0805 (ERJ6BW): 0.5W
  • 1206 (ERJ8BW): 1W
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