OLEDs from Rutronik offer many advantages

The plastic, organic layers of an OLEDs are thinner, lighter and more flexible than the crystalline layers in an LED or LCD.

Because the light-emitting layers of an OLED are lighter, the sub­strate of an OLED can be flexible instead of rigid. OLED substrates can be plastic rather than the glass used for LEDs and LCDs. OLEDs are brighter than LEDs. The organic layers of an OLED are much thinner than the corresponding inorganic crystal layers of an LED, the conductive and emissive layers of an OLED can be multi-layered.

Also, LEDs and LCDs require glass for sup­port, and glass absorbs some light. OLEDs do not require glass. OLEDs do not require backlighting like LCDs. LCDs work by selectively blocking areas of the backlight to make the images that you see, while OLEDs generate light themselves.

Because OLEDs do not require backlighting, they consume much less power than LCDs. This is especially important for battery-operated devices such as cell phones.

OLEDs are easier to produce and can be made to larger sizes. They are essentially plastics, they can be made into large, thin sheets. It is much more difficult to grow and lay down so many liquid crystals. They have large fields of view, about 170 degrees. Because LCDs work by blocking light, they have an inherent viewing obstacle from certain angles. OLEDs produce their own light, so they have a much wider viewing range.

Specialized in Standard and Custom OLED Modules

Raystar Optronics. Inc., located at Central Taiwan Science Park, is one of the leading OLED display suppliers founded by a group of elites being in the related field for more than 10 years. Its production line includes small to medium size OLED modules for a variety of industrial and consumable applications. Raystar is one of the leading display providers of monochrome character, graphic and alphanumeric OLED panels. Our Portfolio covers all types of PM OLEDs in the size of 0.49 inch up to 5.85 inch in every color variation without a MOQ. Rutronik is promoting the whole portfolio with a worldwide franchise.

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