Nordic Semiconductor releases S310 SoftDevice (ANT/BLE combostack for nRF51422)

The S310 SoftDevice simplifies combining an ANT or BLE protocol stack and an application on the same CPU, therefore eliminating the need for an added device to support concurrent multiprotocol.

=> Advanced ANT stack

Simple to complex network topologies:

  • Peer-to-peer
  • Star
  • Tree
  • Star-to-star and more

Broadcast, acknowledged, and burst communication modes

Supports up to 8 logical channels each with configurable channel periods (5.2 ms – 2 s)

Built-in device search and pairing

Enhanced ANT features

Multiple ANT channel concurrency with a single BLE channel

=> Bluetooth® 4.0 compliant low energy single-mode protocol stack:

  • Link layer
  • L2CAP, ATT, and SM protocols
  • GATT, GAP, and L2CAP
  • Peripheral and Broadcaster roles
  • GATT Client and Server
  • Full SMP support including MITM and OOB pairing 
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