New BGRV, BSRV, BWRV Series Automotive Grade Pre-Charge / Discharge Resistors

The News:

KOA introduces a new BGRV, BSRV, BWRV Series of high power ceramic cased resistors.

BGRV wirewound resistors are designed to withstand the high inrush currents present in Electric Vehicle pre-charge circuits.

BWRV wirewound resistors feature lower resistance values as well as improved T.C.R. and tight resistance tolerances.

BSRV metal oxide resistors are designed fort he capacitor discharge function in the DC/DC converter and in Electric Vehicle discharge circuits.

All 3 resistor series are available with spade / lug terminals for use in wiring harness or connector blocks.

Product Benefits:

  • High reliability, suitable für automotive applications
  • Excellent inrush current withstand characteristics
  • Excellent overload performance
  • Optional ‚quick connect‘ terminals
  • Flame-retardant ceramic case
  • 1 Ω…75 kΩ
  • ±5 % or ±10 %
  • 3 W … 40 W
  • Operating temperatures up to +155 °C
  • EU-RoHS compliant
  • Tested acc. To AEC-Q200 requirements

Market Applications:

  • Battery unit / inverter circuits for automotive electronics (HEV, EV, PHEV, FCV)
  • Pre-charge circuit of electric vehicle (BGRV, BWRV)
  • Discharge circuit of electric vehicle (BSRV)
  • On board car charger
  • Industrial converter / inverter

Example of Application Circuit


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