mSATA & SLIM SATA SSD with MLC Flash from Swissbit X-60m, X-60s, X-60ms

Swissbit’s mSATA (MO-300), SLIM SATA (MO-297), and the new M.2 SSDs are ideal solutions for embedded applications requiring solid state storage in smaller, removable form factors. Our SATA SSD modules offer a long service life combined with controlled BOM and a change notification process. Each unit undergoes extensive testing over the full temperature range before being released for shipment.

The X-60 SATA III series is Swissbit’s solution for high performance, cost sensitive, high capacity markets. The SSD modules will be available as mSATA (X-60m), SLIM SATA (X-60s), and M.2 (X-60m2). They were designed for all industrial, NetCom, and automotive applications requiring high data transfer rates up to 525 MB/s in sequential access and 79,000 IOPS in 4 KB random access. In addition, they offer a wide   range of features such as Swissbit’s proven Power Fail Safety, ATA security feature set, Data Care Management tools, a Windows or Linux tool and SDK for detailed S.M.A.R.T.-based Life Time Monitoring, NCQ, TRIM, advanced wear leveling and bad block management and in-field firmware update functionality.



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mo-300 full size

 SwissbitTabelleFolie18 (2)

mo-297 slim sata

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m.2 2242 / 2260 / 2280

Series Name X-60m X-60s X-60ms
Interface Data Transfer Mode                                                                                                    SATA III – 6 Gbit/s ATA8
Connector 52 pos. Edge Connector

PCI Express (PCIe) mini

15 + 7 pin Serial ATA Connector 75 pos. Edge Connector

B & M key

Flash Type                                                                                                                        MLC
Density Range                                                                     8 GB – 480 GB 30 GB – 240 GB (2242)

30 GB – 480 GB (2260/2280)

Data Retention                                                                                           10 years @ life begin

1 year @ life end

Endurance                                                                                  max. 1.9 TBW per GB drive capacity

(per JESD219)

Operating Temperature                                                                                   Commercial: 0°C to +70°C

Industrial: -40°C to +85°C

Storage Temperature                                                                                                                 -50°C to +95°C
Burst Rate (MB/s)                                                                                                               up to 600
Sequential Read (MB/s)                                                                                                               up to 525
Sequential Write (MB/s)                                                                                                               up to 450
Random 4KB Read (IOPS)                                                                                                               up to 75,000
Random 4KB Write (IOPS)                                                                                                               up to 79,000
Voltage 3.3 V ± 5 % 5 V ± 10 % 3.3 V ± 5 %
Power Consumption typ 450 mA

max 800 mA

ldle 110 mA

typ 300 mA

max 550 mA

Idle 60 mA

typ 450 mA

max 800 mA

Idle 110mA

Features & Tools
  • Proven Power Fail Safety
  • Advanced Wear Leveling & Bad Block management
  • In-field firmware update
  • SBLTM Tool & SDK for S.M.A.R.T. based Life Time Monitoring

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