Infineon – TRENCHSTOP™5 AUTO in D²PAK with H5/F5 optimization

TRENCHSTOP™ 5 AUTO is an IGBT technology that enables world’s lowest losses for switching in its class. The resulting high efficiency enables either an increased cruising range or a downsizing of the batteries for electric vehicles, or could simply provide better margin for low-complexity design-in activities. Overall, the great performance of TRENCHSTOP™ 5 AUTO offers a cost-optimized solution where engineers were used to use MOSFETs only. It is therefore perfectly suited for PFC stages in On-Board Chargers (OBCs).

– 650 V break-through voltage
– SMD package
– Optional: co-packed with “Rapid” diode
– 300mm wafer production
– Available from 15 A up to 50 A

– World-class switching performance
– Best cost-down solution for fast-switching high-performance power devices
– Lowest cost for PFC stages in OBCs vs MOSFET or SiC solutions
– SMD package offers further reduced cost on system and manufac-turing level with better quality control due

Competitive advantage
– World-class switching performance for fast-switching IGBTs in On-Board Chargers

Product overview

Rutronik Number Part Number SP Number Package
IGBT2855 AIGB15N65F5 SP001686064 TO263-3
IGBT2856 AIGB15N65H5 SP001686058 TO263-3
IGBT2857 AIGB30N65F5 SP001686052 TO263-3
IGBT2858 AIGB30N65H5 SP001686046 TO263-3
IGBT2859 AIGB40N65F5 SP001686042 TO263-3
IGBT2860 AIGB40N65H5 SP001686036 TO263-3
IGBT2861 AIGB50N65F5 SP001686030 TO263-3
IGBT2862 AIGB50N65H5 SP001686024 TO263-3
IGBT2863 AIKB15N65DF5 SP001686020 TO263-3
IGBT2864 AIKB15N65DH5 SP001686016 TO263-3
IGBT2865 AIKB30N65DF5 SP001612750 TO263-3
IGBT2866 AIKB30N65DH5 SP001612746 TO263-3
IGBT2871 AIKB40N65DF5 SP001686012 TO263-3
IGBT2868 AIKB40N65DH5 SP001686008 TO263-3
IGBT2869 AIKB50N65DF5 SP001686004 TO263-3
IGBT2870 AIKB50N65DH5 SP001686000 TO263-3

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