Infineon – NEW One Channel 80mΩ PROFET™ BTS6110-1SJA

It uses a single, 80 m-Ohm channel to drive power for 2 x R10W bulbs and 1 x R2W bulb. It is precise and efficient, with autonomous frequency generation, and reduced current consumption.The compact DSO-8 package still includes full automatic diagnostics. It’s 60% smaller and more than double the life cycle of mechanical solutions. It detects flash and bulb failures, and protects against overheating, short circuits, and load dumps up to 65V.

Summary of Features

  • One Channel device
  • Very small external reservoir capacitor of 10µF
  • Electrostatic discharge protection /ESD)
  • Optimized electromagnetic compatibility
  • Green product (RoHS compliant)
  • AECQ qualified

Protection Functions

  • Autonomous frequency generation
  • Reduced current consumption
  • Compact size fits in reduced board space
  • Robust for short circuit, overtemperature and overcurrent

Target Application

  • Side Indicator 2 x R10W + 1 x R2W

Available Packages

  • PG-DSO-8
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