Infineon – BGS15MU14 -RF switch for feedback receive

High ISO SP5T RF Switch for feedback receive (FBRx)BGS15MU14 is a perfect fit for concurrent transmit chains in UL-CA and MIMO RF design scenarios on input port feedback receive (FBRx).It has a very small form factor with a maximum thickness of just 0.6 mm. BGS15MU14 has been designed to guarantee best-in-class isolation performance up to 6.0 GHz (>50 dB) in high demanding FBRx applications. It has the capability to increase flexibility of RF designs, reduce space and offer BOM cost savings.The device is MIPI controlled. The on-chip controller allows power-supply voltages from 1.65 to 1.95 V. Unlike GaAs technology, external DC blocking capacitors at the RF Ports are only required if DC voltage is externally applied.

– Very high isolation of up to 56 dB
– Control MIPI 2.1
– Applicable up to 6 GHz
– Fast switching speed 177ns
– Low insertion loss

– Reduce design complexity
– Meet high ISO requirements in FBRx
– Reduce BOM cost

Competitive advantage
– Target FBRx application by meeting high ISO requirements
– BOM cost reduction through using 1 single device instead 2 or more in cascade

Target application
– Feedback receive application in 5G mobile devices

Block diagram

Product overview

Rutronik Number Part number OPN SP-Number Package
THF5362 BGS 15MU14 E6327 BGS15MU14E6327XTSA1 SP005354435 ULGA-14

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