High Bright TFTs from NLT Especially for Outdoor Use and Marine Applications

High bright Models in wide aspect ratio: 7.0 inch (NL8048AC19-14F) and 12.1 inch (NL12880BC20-07F) and a 10.4 inch in 4:3 aspect ratio (NL10276BC20-18F)

Those modules are ideal for use in outdoor applications such as boating equipment or construction devices. The new wide format TFT LCD modules are well suited for use in industrial display applications. They are equipped with long-life white LED backlight units that achieve high luminance and also contribute to lower maintenance costs for equipment and reduced environmental impact. The main characteristics of the new modules are as follows:

The 7.0 inch module has a luminance of 1000cd/m2 and high contrast ratio of 800:1 / the 12.1 inch module has a luminance of 1800 cd/m² and a high contrast ratio of 800:1 resulting in excellent viewability even in high ambient light environments. The displays are ideal for display applications in outdoor environments.

The 10.4 inch module has a luminance of 800 cd/m² and a high contrast ratio of 900:1 for best viewability in all environmental conditions.

Long-life LED backlight. The long-life, 100,000 hours, LED backlight is used in the new 7.0” inch module, 60,000 hours in the 12.1 inch module. This results in easy, low cost maintenance for these displays. Adoption of the white LED backlight also results in lower environmental impact since the backlights consume limited power and are mercury free.

Wide operating temperature range. The new 7.0 and 10.4 inch module features wide operating temperature range of -30 to +80 degrees C which guarantees stable operation even in very low and very high temperature environments. The 12.1 inch has a wide industrial temperature range of -20 to +70 degrees C.

Typically displays used in outdoor environments are equipped with high power backlights in order to achieve sufficient view ability when exposed to strong light such as direct sunlight. Under these conditions LED backlights tend to require greater power consumption in order to achieve sufficient luminance to be seen in outdoor settings, this in turn shortens a backlight’s lifespan. Achieving longer backlight lifespan and reducing maintenance costs of outdoor display equipment has, therefore, been a challenge. NLT Technologies has responded to this market demand by developing and releasing products that achieve the long lifespan of LED backlights while achieving high brightness by optimizing the heat dissipation performance of the backlight.

The display’s wide format allows more data to be shown on the display. It is ideal for use as a multi-function display in marine equipment that shows a variety of information and data on a single display at the same time.


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