Firecracker Reed Sensor 59022 and Matching Actuator 57022


Ideal for position and limit sensing, security, level sensing, and linear actuatorThe 59022 Series Firecracker Reed Sensor is a compact, cylindrical, magnetically operated sensor capable of switching up to 265 Vac/300 Vdc at 10 Watt/VA. The new sensor capsule’s diameter of just 5.80mm (0.228 inches) makes it easy to install into confined spaces in existing structures. It is designed for use with the matching 57022 actuator, which is sold separately. Circuit designers have the flexibility to choose from normally open, normally closed or change-over contacts.


  • 25.4mm x 5.80mm form factor
  • Magnetically operated proximity sensor
  • Hermetically sealed contacts
  • Operates through non-ferrous materials, such as wood, plastic or aluminum
  • Available with normally open, normally closed or change-over contacts options
  • Customer-defined sensitivity
  • Custom cable length and connector options


  • Fits easily into small, confined spaces
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Well suited for usage in high-moisture and contaminated environments
  • Non-contact solution, aesthetically more appealing than push button or lever mechanical-type switches
  • Ideal for battery-powered applications because the contacts do not draw power when in the non-activated state
  • Excellent for switching micro-controller logic level loads

Common Applications

  • position/Limit sensing for door closures in appliances
  • smart home automation system
  • security systems
  • metering and industrial equipment
  • Level Sensing for liquid level detection in coffee makers and dishwashers
  • Speed and distance Measuring in treadmills and bicycles


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