Varitronix – Bi-Stable Cholesteric Display (BCD)

Bi-stable Cholesteric technology is truly unique in that it doesn’t require any power to drive the display. Power is only necessary when the image will be refreshed; the image will be retained after power off. No Polarizer or backlight is needed without any viewing angle penalties, resulting in a thinner and lighter display. This makes it perfect for applications such as signage, price labels, e-books, metering.

The Key features of the Bi-stable Displays are:

  • High resolution (VGA, SVGA, XVGA or even higher)
  • Extreme wide viewing angles
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Exceptional sunlight readability
  • Various colour combinations
  • Zero power consumption

Introducion to BCD:

  • A “Paper like” display using liquid crystal technology
  • Display Image stays on panel after power off
  • From Static to High resolution (SVGA, or >) is feasible
  • Manufacturable and of low cost
  • No need polarizers*
  • High contrast
  • Very wide viewing angles (180 degrees!)
  • Reflective (no backlight) and sunlight readable
  • Zero power consumption (Environmentally friendly display)

Bi-Color Combinations

  • Blue/White
  • Red/Amber
  • Dark Green/Light Green
  • Black/Yellow
  • Pink/Peach
  • Orange/Yellow
  • Black/White

What Varitronix and Rutonik can provide:

  1. Standard module
  2. Customer made module
  3. Full technical support

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