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Join us now and be part of our expert network. If you have any questions, post it to the community. The membership is free of charge. We welcome any comments, suggestions as well as lively dialogue with other users. And we also want to promote fair and respectful communication.

Rutronik reserves the right to remove posted comments or any other contents on this website. To avoid this, please read our forum rules. Posts that do not adhere to our forum rules will be removed if need be, and the user will be barred where required.

1. Posting

Make sure that you phrase your posts in a way that is easily understandable to others. Please always review your posts for potential spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes before posting. Also pay attention to the proper use of upper and lower case.

  • Remember: Do not post company secrets!
  • Furthermore use the search function, before creating a new topic to avoid duplicated themes.
  • Make sure, that you choose the appropriate forum for your topic. Otherwise your content can be placed in another area or the topic can get closed from the responsible admin.
  • Please use a reasonable headline, without the use of unnecessary accumulation of punctuation marks, exclamation marks etc.
  • Please write in a clearly laid out manner and review your article in order to remove all unnecessary punctuation and lines.
  • Do not post suspicious content, which may contain malware or something else.
  • In this forum, we do not correct course papers, presentations or other lengthy texts. Due to time limitations, such extensive projects can’t be corrected. We expect you to do such projects independently and check online whether corrections on your work have been made using the internet.

Not permitted are:

  • Adverts and the offering of and searching for chargeable services.
  • Contributions affected by copyright, e.g. song texts, scans, etc.
  • The appraisal and recommendation of products.
  • Crossing posts (i.e. the posting of the same article on various forums).
  • Copied informations.
  • Trying to publicate content (also images, music, videos etc.) from other websites without having a permission from the owner.

2. How to respond to a post

Try to help the members in our forum with your responds or hints.

  • Please avoid statements like “I can not help you”.
  • If you put external links into your comments…
    • … do not link to racist, illegal or pornographic content.
    • … do not use a link to promote a website.
    • … at least, you are responsible for the links you set into your comments.

3. Your Account

For a good user experience on our platform, we give you the recommendation to…

  • … use your real name. This will give your account a more reliable impression.
  • … use a picture of yourself. For instance your CV-Image. This will enhance your profile.
  • … introduce yourself. Fill in the“About me”schedule with interesting informations.
  • … write valuable content. This increases the probability to receive likes and shares.
  • … not to fake any informations. Especially your qualifications or profile picture.
  • … not to copy accounts. The misuse of accounts will lead to a suspension.
  • … not to publicate the Rutronik-TEC informations on other platforms. You need the permission from the responsible moderator.

If you make the decision to follow the Rutronik-TEC community, of course you will have the possibility to end your membership at any time.

Write an email to  rutronik-tec@rutronik.com and we will delete your account as soon as possible. Posts that do not adhere to our forum rules will be removed if need be, and the user will be barred where required.

4. Behaviour

Not permitted are however…

  • … vulgarities, attacks, insults and spamming
  • … vulgar, bawdy, nasty, provoking and racist contributions as well as discussions about illegal or pornographic topics.

5. Disclaimer

The comments on our articles only reflect the opinion of individual readers. We exclude all liabilities for the content of the comments or conclusions that may result from the comments posted in this technical board. Please ensure that you do not publish any unauthorized, impermissible or illegal content on the technical board.

Rutronik accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy and completeness of the contents. The protection of your privacy is very important to us. Therefore please be aware that your comments in the Internet are public and can be read at any time.

Therefore, we ask you not to post any personal information such as address, account and customer information otherwise Rutronik reserves the right to delete such posts. Do you have any additional questions? If so, please contact us at the following email address: rutronik-tec@rutronik.com

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