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Manufacturers are exposed to new challenges brought by the rapid growth rate of industrial automation and the networking across industrial control systems.

We understand your challenges and want to provide you with solutions. To accomplish this we offer you high-quality industrial grade semiconductors, along with a range of proven reference designs, making your automation design as simple, efficient and reliable as possible. Count on our proven expertise to support you in developing ideal solutions for industrial automation applications.

Infineon products are engineered to allow a high level of integration while saving valuable space. We are the only manufacturer with a comprehensive portfolio of isolated I/O devices, ISOFACE™. For non-isolated power switches, we offer PROFET™ or HITFET™ products, for which we are also market leader. Both, ISOFACE™ and PROFET™ are a powerful offering for all your requirements.

Digital Output Modules with Four Types of Integration

High Side Switch Solution:
Protection and diagnoses features included

  • with integrated Isolation – ISOFACE™
  • non-Isolated – PROFET™

Low Side Switch Solution:

  • Protected Low Side Switch
  • Discrete Approach

PLC on Control Level
Reliability, system stability and 100% interoperability with connected automation systems play a decisive role in harsh industrial environments. In addition, Engineering a PLC presents further challenges. Time to market is a critical factor to consider, and components must be offered at a fair price in accordance with their quality.

Infineon’s wide portfolio of dedicated semiconductors for PLC applications offers solutions for your biggest challenges. Discover our unique ISOFACE™ family with scalable diagnostics, which is specifically designed for industry automation systems, offering optional isolation and enhanced diagnostics.


Sales Product Name Package Name Group
ISO1I811T PG-TSSOP-48 Digital Input ICs
ISO1I813T PG-TSSOP-48 Digital Input ICs
ISO1H801G PG-DSO-36 Digital Output Switches
ISO1H811G PG-DSO-36 Digital Output Switches
ISO1H812G PG-DSO-36 Digital Output Switches
ISO1H815G PG-DSO-36 Digital Output Switches
ISO1H816G PG-DSO-36 Digital Output Switches
ISO2H823V2.5 PG-VQFN-70 Digital Output Switches


PLC on Field Level

Responsible for basic controls in a host of general applications, micro PLCs are designed facing a growing pressure to create a user-friendly and cost-sensitive product. In tune with these demands, Infineon offers high-quality microcontrollers in the XMC family, at an attractive price.

A selection of our XMC microcontrollers is equipped with an optional integrated security IP. This is an exceptional feature for your micro PLC applications that you will find nowhere else. Furthermore, Infineon’s 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontroller portfolio delivers enhanced real-time communication and comprehensive safety features for interfacing units in harsh industrial environments, also supporting various communication Interfaces.

With these added values you can bring your PLC applications to the next level – only with Infineon.

Our linear voltage regulators and trackers help to reduce energy consumption, extending operating time and minimizing operating costs across all kinds of systems.

Infineon’s Full System Solution for PLC with Focus on Industrial PROFET™ Devices
30th July, 2015

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We would like to invite you to our webinar about Infineon’s full system solution for PLCs, which will be presented with focus on our power switches. Join the webinar and learn more about our recommendations for your PLC design!

Attendees will learn

  • What is a PLC system and how it is embedded in the Industrial Automation hierarchy
  • Infineon’s role as a full system solution provider
  • Infineon’s product portfolio addressing PLC
  • Infineon’s Industrial PROFET solutions for PLC

Expert Support

Microcontroller Family Input Voltage Input Current Voltage Regulator
XC1000 1.8…5.5 <100 IFX54211/IFX2931/IFX4949/IFX25001/IFX544x
XMC4000 03.03.15 <500/300 IFX1763/IFX544xx/IFX111
XC8xx 3.33…5.0 200 IFX20001/IFX24401/IFX2931/IFX21401/IFX4949/IFX544
XE166/XC2000 1.5 and 3.3 or 5.0 100 IFX20001/IFX24401/IFX2931/IFX21401/IFX4949/IFX544
TriCore™ 1.5…3.3 >400 IFX27001/IFX8117/IFX91041/IFX80471/IFX25001/IFX111

Innovative semiconductor solutions for energy efficiency, mobility and security.

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