Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is gaining in market share over oil-based power steering. This electrification is reducing the overall weight, as the heavy pumps, and tanks used in oil based power steering. EPS increases the mileage by around 3%.
In EPS, superior driving is achieved as the torque can be controlled using software, various kinds of control systems like automatically varying torque based on the speed of the vehicle is also possible. The safety features like Lane assist, parking assist etc., makes high precision EPS function essential. Steering position is detected using the torque sensor, the motor for controlling the wheel position is driven using the gatedriver and power transistor combination as shown in the block diagram. To achieve positional feedback, the current to the motor is detected and the closed loop is achieved. As such the block diagram shows a microcontroller based solution, but the solution can be achieved using SPI transfer also.

Suggested Products

  • Power MOSFETs – 40V Series / 60V Series
  • PSR5x – Power Shunt Resistors

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