On Board Charger

Automotive (onboard) chargers are AC/DC converters that convert the household AC (100V to 240V) supply to DC in order to charge the high voltage battery array. To ensure universal compatibility, most onboard chargers support a wide voltage range, usually between 85V and 265V. However, due to input voltage fluctuations, safer and more efficient devices are required.
In addition to isolator ICs, ROHM offers a broad range of power devices, including SiC SBDs.

Suggested Products

  • BM6104x – Isolated Gate Driver
  • BM6722x – Isolators
  • BM66002x – Temperature Monitor
  • BM67290x – High Voltage Monitor
  • BD9031x – Power Supply IC
  • PSRx – Power Shunt Resistor
  • SCS2x – SiC Shottky Barrier Diode

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