Main Inverter

The main inverter converts the constant DC voltage from the battery into a 3-phase AC voltage to drive the motors. ROHM is developing a wide variety of high reliability isolated gate drivers optimized for the main inverters. And although power devices such as IGBTs with integrated protection diodes are commonly used, SiC MOSFETs and SiC SBDs is seeing greater adoption due to their lower RDS(ON) and the resulting switching losses.
ROHM, a pioneer in SiC devices, also offers products designed for industrial and automotive applications that demand extreme reliability. In addition, ROHM utilizes on-chip transformer technology to design gate drivers that feature built-in isolation, contributing to greater miniaturization and longer life.

Suggested Products

  • BM6104x – Isolated Gate Driver
  • BM6722x – Isolators
  • BM66002x – Temperature Monitor
  • BM67290x – High Voltage Monitor
  • BD9031x – Power Supply IC
  • PSRx – Power Shunt Resistor

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