DC/DC Converter

In HEVs and EVs, where the engine frequently stops and starts while driving, DC/DC converters are proving to be more efficient than conventional alternator at supplying power to the engine under all operating conditions. DC/DC converters work by converting the high battery voltage to 14V DC using a power element and transformer to perform high-frequency switching and voltage conversion in order to charge the low-voltage battery.
In addition, isolator ICs are required to electrically isolate all signals as well as ground between the low voltage and high voltage boards in order to prevent possible electrical shock and fire. ROHM is currently developing robust isolator ICs that feature greater compactness and longer life.

Suggested Products

  • BM6104x – Isolated Gate Driver
  • BM6722x – Isolators
  • BM66002x – Temperature Monitor
  • BM67290x – High Voltage Monitor
  • BD9031x – Power Supply IC
  • PSRx – Power Shunt Resistor

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