(H)EV – Auxiliary Inverter

System Benefits

  • Fully automotive-qualified product portfolio including both power module and discrete solutions
  • Isolation-integrated in gate driver
  • Highly efficient 3-phase driver due to very low conducting losses even at high switching frequencies
  • Broad 32-bit microcontroller solutions dedicated to (H)EV applications
  • Evaluation kit available to reduce system development time

Suggested Products

  • TC23xL, TC26xD – 32-Bit MCU AURIX lockstep Microcontroller
  • 1ED020I12FA2 – Automotive EiceDRIVER™, single-channel isolated IGBT driver for 650V/1200V IGBTs
  • 2ED020I12FA – Automotive EiceDRIVER™, dual-channel isolated IGBT driver for 650V/1200V IGBTs
  • IPx65RxxxCFDA – 650V CoolMOS™ discrete high-voltage MOSFETs with fast body diode
  • FS75xxx – IGBT power modules
  • FS50xxx – IGBT power modules

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